Model: ZQ14020

Color: Black

Products  features:

1.DBR01 transmitter can set different groups.

2.The whole set is including one DBR01 transmitter and nine 4 cues receivers. Each group contains 3 receivers and 12 cues.

3.Three functions:  Control all, sequential control and step control.

DBRO1 transmitter parameters:

1.Powdered by 6 Pieces AA battery.

2.Remote range is 500 meters according to surroundings.

Db04r receiver parameters:

1.Powered by 4 pieces AA battery.

2.With  upgraded  power  button.

3.With testing indicate lamp.It will turns green when products connection well.

How to set group fire by transmitter

Find the “District” table on transmitter. You can set different groups by pressing”+””-“button.The group setting   is from 00-99 on transmitter. Like if set 01 on transmitter, it will control 01 group on receivers(3 receivers,12 cues). Please check picture below.


1.All the wireless control products may have the interference problems.(For example, there are some wireless

microphone or inter phone with the same frequency)Please test before using. Please use the wire control products if the interference problem is very serious.

2.Please keep at least 0.5M distance between two wireless receivers. In order to reduce the interference among the products.

The attentions above is suitable for all the wireless products.

Packing List:

1. Controller *1

2. Receiving box *9

3. Controller antenna *1

4. Instruction manual * 1