Model: ZQ10136

Color: black

Material:Aluminum alloy structure/plastic shell

Voltage: AC110V/220V50/60HZ (according to the region)

Power: 2000W

Lamp beads: 8 + 8  3W RGB 3 in 1 LEDs

Smoke spray angle: adjustable

DMX Channel: 13CH

Control model:remote control, DMX512 console, manual screen control (Light color change can be controlled by remote control or manual screen, using DMX512 controller can realize the program automatically change color)

Warm-up time: 3 minuet

Heating time: it takes 1 minute to heat up for the first time, and 30-40 seconds for subsequent use.

Oil drum capacity: 2.5 liters (about 1h continuous spraying)

Spraying distance: about 8 meters

Protection grade:IP30

Working environment:-10℃-45

Remote control distance:10-30M

Smoke spraying height:5-6M

Product Features:

1. Configure two sets of 8+8 3-in-1 LED beads, can mix any color.

2. Two sets of LED beads can emit different colors

3. Adjustable angle of smoke spraying, can spray in any direction (with nozzle adjustment needle)

4. Upside down air column smoke machine

5. Remote control, DMX512 console control, or manual control through the display.

6. LCD display control, more intelligent and easy to use.


Please obey all notices about operation. Safety and repair to avoid getting an electric shock and keep the excellent effect.

1. Keep clean.

2. Use in door.

3. The power must same as located.

4. Power off before adding fogger liquid.

5. Put in the horizontal direction and don’t incline and place upside down.

6. Power off or pull out plug after use.

7. No waterproof,if there are some humidity, water or fog liquid in it,  please  switch  off  power  and  contact  distributor  as  soon  as possible.

8. There are no spare parts with machine. If you need to repair it, please contact distributor or professional repair works.

Avoid fire:

1. Only for adults operate. Equip it over the touch of children and pay more attention during operation.

2. Don’t spray it to people directly and far away fire.

3. The temperature of smoke is very high so that keep the space between   machine   and   other   material   things   more   than 100cm.(surface temperature of machine is 40-80℃,don’t touch)

4. Put the machine at a drafty place and don’t cover the cool holes to keep the best cool effect. Keep the space between the fog machine and around things more than 20cm and between smokemachine and tinder  more than 20cm. And without easily burnt things within 300cm(far away carpet,board & inflammable).

Avoid explode:

1.Don’t add tinder liquid such as oil,gas ,perfume and etc. in fog machine.

2. Pay more attention to all notices sign and operation instructions on all machines.

3.  Please  use  the  high  quality  fog  liquid  recommended  by distributors. Bad quality fog liquid may get blast or spray oil.

4. Often check whether there has enough fog liquid.

5. Get out all fog liquid before transport or post.

6. Don’t eat fog liquid otherwise to see the doctor immediately. Use clean water to wash skin and eyes once fog liquid touches them.


1. Take away all pack material especially the spray mouth.

2. Set in the horizontal direction and open the cover of liquid can.

3. Add high quality fog liquid in the machine and screw the cover of liquid can. Bad quality fog liquid will damage fog machine

4. Plug the plug of remote console in the socket of the back of machine.


1. Please clean the fog machine timely to avoid the damage of spare parts and decrease the repair charge.

2. Don’t make the fog machine be dirty. Screw the cover of liquid can after add fog liquid.

3. After about 40 hours continually use, please use 80% distilled water and 20% vinegar to clean the dirty in refractory pipe.

4. Disassemble the spray mouth and use vinegar to clean it to keep expedite before heat.

5. Reequip the spray mouth after cool and add fog liquid for next use.

Packaging list:

1. Fog machine * 1

2. Power cord * 1

3. Signal line * 1

4. Remote control * 1

5. Cone needle * 1

6. Instruction manual *1