Model: ZQ10135

Color: black

Material: carbon steel

Input voltage: AC110V-240V 50/60HZ

Working voltage:DC12V

Power: 400W

Capacity: 21A

Endurance time: 2-3H

Control mode: manual, remote control

Oil drum capacity: 250ml

Charging time: 10 hours

Effective control distance: 20 meters

Heating time: 8 minutes

Smoke blowing time: 1 minute

Consumable capacity: 250ml

Spraying distance 3-4 meters

Consumable consumption/minute: 10 ml

Protection grade: IP30

Working environment: 0℃-50℃

Product Features:

1. Built-in 21A high-capacity lithium battery film and television smoke machine, not only can be rechargeable to use, and the range of up to 2-3 hours, the perfect solution to the outdoor inconvenience of connecting to the power of the trouble.

2. Compact size, easy to carry, intelligent remote control, flexible and lightweight, soft sound and low noise, super thick smoke.

3. Equipped with two ways of manual control and remote control smoke spraying, which can be flexibly switched according to different use scenarios and needs;

4. Equipped with temperature control knob and heating indicator light, you can more accurately control the heating temperature and heating state. The red light indicates that it is heating, and the green light indicates that the heating is completed and the smoke can start to be emitted. By rotating the temperature control knob, users can adjust the heating temperature to control the concentration and effect of smoke. This design makes it easier for users to control the use of the smoke machine and improves the accuracy and efficiency of the operation.

5. This smoke machine also features real-time monitoring of the remaining power level, which allows the user to keep track of the power status of the device to avoid the use of the device being affected by insufficient power. By checking the power display of the device, users can rationally arrange the time of use to ensure that the device can operate normally at critical moments, so as to avoid affecting the smooth progress of filming or performance due to power problems. This design allows users to use the smoke machine with greater confidence and improves the reliability and stability of the device.


Precautions for the use of the machine:

1. Do not use other chargers to charge the battery.

2. After the machine has been used, if it is not used for a long time, it is recommended to clean it with water (just spray 60S with water)

3. When you receive the machine for the first time, please make sure it is full for 12 hours. (The battery will be much more durable for subsequent use)

4. When charging, the charger lights up red to indicate that it is charging, and lights up green to indicate that the battery is full. (The red and green lights on the machine are not lit when charging)

5. When you use it outside, don’t fill it too full with cigarette oil to avoid overflowing and seeping into the inside of the machine, which will cause the machine to malfunction.

Packing List:

1. Fog machine *1

2. Charger *1

3. Remote control *1

4. Instruction manual *1