Model: ZQ02346

Color: black

Material: iron+plastic

Voltage: AC90-240V, 50-60Hz

Rated power: 400W

Light source power: 1PCS 295W bulb

Color temperature: 8500K

Bulb life: 2000H

Color: 14 colors + white light

Gobo : 16 patterns (5 glass patterns) + white light

Prism 1: 8 Prisms

Prism 2: Cellular Prism

Rotation angle: 540° horizontal, 270° vertical

Light out angle: 2-3°

Functional effects: fogging, seven colors

Control mode: international standard DMX512 signal, 3 core, DMX512 interface

Communication protocol: USITT DMX-512

Number of channels: standard 16-channel mode

Display: Chinese and English LCD graphic display

Waterproof grade: IP20

Heat dissipation mode: fan heat dissipation

Modes:DMX512, Auto, Sound-activated, Master-slave

Function effect: atomization, colorful

X-axis: 540°

Y-axis: 270°


  1. To reduce the risk of electrical shock or fire, do not expose this unit to rain or moisture.
  2. Intermittently using will extend this item’s service life.
  3. Please clear the fan, fan net, and optical lens in order to keep good work state.
  4. Do not use the alcohol or any other organic solvent to wipe the shell.

Safety Precaution

  1. In order to guarantee the product’s life, please don’t put it in the damp places or even the environment over 60 degrees.
  2. Always install this unit in safe and stable matter.
  3. Install or dismantle should operate by professional engineer.
  4. Using lamp,the change rate of power voltage should be within±10%,If the voltage is too high,it will shorten the light’s life; If it’s not enough, will influence the effect.
  5. Please restart it 20 minutes later after turning off light , until full-cooling. Frequent switching will reduce the life span of lamps and bulbs; intermittent using will improve the life of bulbs and lamps.
  6. In order to make sure the product is used well, please read the Manual carefully.

Cable connection(DMX)

Use a cable conforming to specifications EIA RS-485: 2-pole twisted, shielded, 120Ohm characteristic impedance, 22-24 AWG, low capacity. Do not use microphone cable or other cable with characteristics differing from those specified. The end connections must be made using XLR type 3 or 5-pin male/female connectors. A terminating plug must be inserted into the last projector with a resistance of 120Ohm (minimum 1/4 W) between terminals 2 and 3.Figure 1 shows a signal line connection diagram (the fixture in the figure is an example picture and does not represent the real appearance of this product).

IMPORTANT: The wires must not make contact with each other or with the metal casing of the connectors. The casing itself must be connected to the shield braid and to pin 1 of the connectors.

Packing List:

  1. Lamp *1
  2. Power cord *1
  3. Signal line *1
  4. Lamp hook *2
  5. Safety rope *1
  6. Instruction manual  *1