Model: ZQ02342

Color: black

Voltage: AC90-240v 50-60HZ

Rated power: 760W

Power supply: AC100V-240V50-60Hz

Light source: 19pcs OSRAM LED beads

Light strip: 5050RGB74PCS0 Phantom side light strip

Color temperature: 2800K-8500K Beads

Life: 50000 hours

Display: Color screen strobe: 1-25 times/second

Spot angle: 0-60 °

Dimming: 0-100% linear electronic dimming

Control mode: DMX512 voice control, self-propelled, master-slave

Channel mode: 22/26/36/78CH

Functional effect: With CTO staining and light beam

Effect mode (vortex, kaleidoscope)

Front mirror disc with variable and infinite rotation, seamless splicing mirror disc, non spherical lens structure, single point control of light beads, light strip effect: strobe, running horse effect, with built-in program.



1. Each lamp bead can be controlled individually.

2. Unique honeycomb design lens can be infinitely rotated to bring a variety of fantastic effects.

3. Set focus, beam, coloring, pattern and other effects with a variety of uses.

4. Scanning position memory function, can be automatically reset.

5. With fan cooling and automatic temperature detection function, the system will automatically stop working when it detects high temperature to protect the lamps and lanterns.

6. With pixel LED strip ring, brilliant colors to achieve the lighting master magic dynamic atmosphere.

Please note the following points when testing this product:

1. All screws and parts for mounting the product must be tightly connected and not rusted.

2. Shells, lenses, fixed parts and installation sites (such as ceilings, hangers, trusses, etc.) can not be deformed.

3. Mechanical moving parts must not be worn or rotated unbalanced.

4. The power cord must not have any damage, material breakage or scar, etc.

The installation and use of the product must be carried out by trained professional technicians, and must be guaranteed to exclude safety hazards.

Packing List:

1. Light *1

2. Lock *2

3. Power cord *1

4. Instruction manual *1