Model: ZQ02304

Color: black

Material: iron + plastic

Voltage: AC90 ~ 240V, 50Hz/60Hz

Rated power: 150W

Light source: 1PCS*80W white light beads, 6PCS 5050 10W RGBW lamp beads

Pattern parameters: 8 patterns 8 colors

Luminous color: color light

Prism: Bee Eye+3 Prism Pattern (without laser)

Luminous degree: 40 ° bead surface

X-axis: 540 °

Y-axis: 180 °

Power connection: power cord

Signal connection: signal input line / output line

Control channel: international common DMX512,24 signal channel

Control mode: DMX-512,15 signal control, voice control, self-propelled and master-slave mode

Cooling system: fan forced cooling system

Working environment: indoor

Product Features:

1. Multiple modes of operation. dmx-512,15 signal control, voice control, self-propelled and master-slave mode, perfect control of stage lighting for different occasions.

2. This moving head light X axis 540 °, Y axis 180 °, to your stage or performance to bring more fantastic effects.

3. Easy to install, the moving head light with high quality plastic housing, can be placed on the table or the floor, or even installed on the ceiling.

4. Widely used in many occasions, ideal for DJ, dance hall, KTV, disco, bar, theater, church, club, shopping mall, Halloween, Christmas, wedding and other indoor events.

Care and maintenance:

1. Please do not long time eyes to the semiconductor luminous body, so as not to hurt the eyes.

2. Try to prevent dust, dirt and smoke oil artificial laying or even into the lamp body, use the environment to keep the product as clean as possible.

3. Please use a professional glass cleaner and lint cleaning lens regularly every month to ensure maximum brightness output and extend the service life of the light source.


Installation special attention: all hanging, hanging, aerial fixed, flat lamps and lanterns, when installed in addition to the normal light hook fixed, must be added to the safety rope or other ways of the second safety fixed to prevent injuries from falling. The installation process without the second safety fixing is a safety hazard, is not qualified for acceptance.

Packing List:

1. Moving head light *1

2. Power cord *1

3. Instruction manual *1