Brand: U`King

Model: ZQ02242

Color: black

Material: fireproof plastic + body cast aluminum alloy + iron

Input voltage: AC 90-220V, 50-60Hz

Power: 100W

Lamp bead type:LED

Light source: 8 * high-power monochromatic beam light beads + 8 * monochromatic dyed light beads + 4 * four-in-one LED bee eye pattern light beads + 2 * white light strobe light beads + 1 * red, green pattern laser light beads

Light effect: red and green pattern laser, beam, strobe, bee eye, pattern

Control mode: sound activated, master-slave, automatic, DMX512

Control channel: 5/24 channels

Lens angle: 3~15 degrees

Beam Angle: vertical

Service life: 10000 hours

Cooling method (cooling method): fan, air cooling

Power cord length: about 120cm

Applicable places: used for DJs, performances, concerts, nightclubs, parties, bars, KTV, dance halls, etc., to increase the dynamic atmosphere.

Features: infinite rotation, wide light coverage, high color saturation, strong beam sense, and dynamic


1. This five-in-one bee-eye beam light adopts high-quality, high-power and high-brightness LED lamp beads, sensitive sound activated, and dynamic lighting effects.

2. The built-in high-power fan has efficient heat dissipation performance and prolongs the service life of the stage light.

3. The lighting effect is colorful, with high color saturation, strong beam sense, and a wide range of illumination, which can be covered in the entire venue, creating a visual feast for you, allowing you to enjoy the party at anytime and anywhere.

4. Human-friendly design, supports multiple control methods, self-propelled, sound activated, DMX512 control mode, adapts to the needs of different places, and has a wide range of applications.

5. Suitable for DJ, performances, concerts, night clubs, parties, bars, KTV, dance halls, etc., to increase the dynamic and romantic atmosphere.

Packing list:

Moving head light *1

Power cord *1

User manual *1