Brand: U`King
Original model: ZQ-B315-YK
New model: ZQ00402002
Colour: Black
Material: ABS plastic
Lamp Bead Model: LED
Lamp beads: 3
Control mode: Auto / Sound / Remote
Supply voltage: 100-240V 50-60Hz
Range distance: about 30-40 meters
Projection area: about 30-60 light
Launch from a flat angle: 180°
Orbital motion: 540° horizontal and 250° tilt
Working temperature: -25 degrees to + 35 degrees
Life expectancy: 10,000 hours
Strobe Category: Electronic Flash Frequency
Luminous color: UV
Parameters: CE FCC RoHS
Cable certification: US UL, Australia SAA, EU CE, UK BSI
Features: Light weight, easy to carry, easy to install flat volume, small footprint, fast heat dissipation and light weight.
Scope of application: Applicable to car decoration ballroom KTV, PARTY, home decoration lamps, etc. are widely used in the stage, wedding and other occasions; increase the romantic atmosphere.

1, can be placed, can be hung
2. Integrated design, full body ABS, temperature protection, safe and reliable
3. Unique optical system design
4. Compact and easy to install
5. Easy to use, plug and play

Packing list:
boxed: 1
Stage light: 1
Mounting bracket: 1
Screw: 2
Remote control: 1
English manual: 1
lampshade: 1