Brand: U`King

Original model: ZQ-B422B

New model:ZQ03047

Colour: Black

Voltage: dual voltage 110V -220V-250V AC, 50HZ-60HZ

Fuse: 2A / 250V

Rated power: 30W

Laser class: Class IIIB

Working mode: DMX, voice activated, automatic, master-slave

Control channel: 11CH

Graphics and effects: More than 100 patterns with mixed beam effects from five apertures

Laser color: red, yellow, blue,green and cyan

Interface: 3-pin XLR jack for DMX or Maser-Slave link

Scope of application: bar, KTV, party, banquet, etc.

Laser life expectancy: The laser life expectancy laser brightness will gradually decrease with time. Heat is the main factor that accelerates this vicious reaction. The laser has a higher operating temperature. Therefore, when all color lasers are used at maximum intensity, the life of the laser will be greatly shortened. It is estimated that 4,000 to 10,000 hours of service life can be achieved under normal operating conditions. If the priority of increasing the service life is higher, you should pay attention to lower the operating temperature. This may include a reduction in the climate environment and overall protection intensity.


* Avoid direct eye contact with the laser. If the laser directly shines on the eyes, this laser product may immediately cause eye injury or blindness.

* It is illegal and dangerous to expose the laser to the audience area. The audience or other personnel may directly illuminate the laser beam or bright reflected light into their eyes.

Packing list:

Stage lights * 1

Power cord * 1