Brand: U`King
Original model: ZQ-B375
New model: ZQ00505001
Colour: Black
material: plastic
Working voltage: AC110V-240V/50Hz
Product power: 40W (magic ball 9W, pattern 18W, stroboscopic 10W, 30mW red, green laser)
Pattern parameters: 6 patterns, 16 lasers
Lamp bead parameters: 9 3535 monochrome lamp beads A 10W white strobe and 30mW red and green laser
LED lamp beads: 9
LED light effect: RGBW
Laser light effect: RG
Light effects: RGBW, laser RG, strobe, magic ball
Dimming mode: 0~100% ultra-smooth dimming
Strobe: 20 times / sec
Control operation: DMX512, master-slave mode, self-propelled, voice control
Channel: 14CH
Applicable venues: parties, weddings, festivals, theaters, churches, banquets, DJ performances, stages, bars, nightclubs, KTV and other entertainment venues to create a romantic atmosphere.

packing list:
Stage light*1
Power cord*1
Screw *2