Brand: U`King
Original model: ZQ-B327B
New model: ZQ00503001
Color: black
Power: 25W
Power supply requirements: AC100V-240V, 50Hz-60Hz
LED light source: 8*3W red, green, blue, white light
Laser source: 532nm green laser * 2, 650nm red laser * 2
Use environment: 10-30°C indoor
Warm-up time: 2-8 minutes
Working mode: sound activated control, self-propelled, stroboscopic
Control mode: manual, remote
Control channel: 9CH DMX
Protection level: IP20, suitable for indoor dry environment
Use location: for DJs, performances, concerts, night clubs, parties, bars, KTV, dance halls, etc., add a romantic atmosphere.
Features: Dual LED with 2-in-1 effect, 4-hole red-green laser, 4 core control modes, high-transmission acrylic lens, clear and bright pattern, colorful. Portable remote control, compact and convenient, human design. The metal baking process of the whole machine is durable and not easy to aging. The knob fixes the light angle, and the built-in cooling fan starts up and runs, which prolongs the service life of the lamp.

Packing list:
Stage light*1
Remote control*1
Power cord*1
Screw *2
Instruction manual*1