Brand: U`King
Original model: ZQ-B418
New model: ZQ00328001

Rated power: 9W
Adapter: 5V / 2A
Power supply: AC 100-240V 50-60Hz
LED light source: RGB
Laser light source: green laser, red laser, blue laser diode
Laser power: 50mw @ 532nm, 100mw @ 650nm, 100mw @ 450nm
Working environment: 10-40 ° indoor
Warm-up time: 2-8 minutes
Working mode: sound activation / autoplay
Control mode: manual / remote
Laser safety: Class IIIA
Scope of application: bar, KTV, party, banquet, etc.

safety warning:
1. Before installation and maintenance, please confirm that the power is turned off. Ensure good ventilation around the device.
2. This product is suitable for indoor use. Do not use this product for a long time in a humid environment.
3. The use and maintenance of this machine should avoid contact with water, please take waterproof measures when using it outdoors.
4. The personnel responsible for installation, operation and maintenance must be familiar with the lighting performance. Most of the damage is caused by unfamiliarity with lighting performance.
5. Please do not face the light emitting unit for a long time to avoid eye discomfort.
6. Please wipe the machine frequently with a clean cloth.

Product operation instructions: After inserting the power cord, toggle the button on the rear panel to “1” to enter the “sound” mode, to “2” to enter the “auto” mode, to “3” to turn off the product power, press Adjustable product effect.

packing list:
Stage lights * 1
Bracket * 1
Remote control * 1
Adapter * 1
Screw * 1 bag
Mini hexagon wrench * 1
Manual * 1