Brand: U`King

Original model: ZQ-B380B

New model:ZQ05029

Color: black

Material: plastic

Power supply: DC5V 2A

Working voltage: AC 95V-245V/50Hz

Machine power: 10W

Laser power: green light 50mW, red light 200mW

Laser: 532nm green laser, 650nm red laser

LED: red, green and blue

Light effect: red and green laser, red, green and blue LED magic ball effect, 16 in one, red, green, blue, pink, yellow, green and white

Control mode: voice control, automatic mode, remote control

Main modes: auto, voice control, jump, fade in and fade out, strobe

Use environment: 10~30℃ indoor

Laser class: Class IIIR

Applicable occasions: stage, performance, banquet hall, multi-function hall, bar, slow rocking bar, performing arts bar, night show


1. With power adapter and USB cable, the power supply mode is not limited, and it is convenient to carry;

2. Through the remote control, you can easily switch the light color and working mode. The motor rotates forward and backward, the visual effect is more dazzling;

3. There are various installation methods, which can be placed flat, hung, mounted on the ceiling, and can be carried with the car;

4. The product adopts convection heat dissipation technology, one side of the wind enters, the other side of the wind, bringing excellent heat dissipation performance and long-term stable use experience;

5. The product is made of high-quality materials, durable, safe and reliable.

6. The product has a built-in powerful voice-activated sensor, which can capture nearby sounds or music, and change the color or speed with the music.


1. This product is a Class IIIR laser product. Avoid laser exposure to the eye close to the light-emitting hole, otherwise it may cause eye discomfort.

2. Do not let children operate this product alone, please read the safety tips before other people operate.

3. This product is suitable for indoor use, and its protection level is IP20. It is suitable for dry environment, please avoid using it in humid, overheated and dusty environment.

4. Keep good heat dissipation around the product and keep it away from flammable objects or liquids.

5. Please use the power adapter provided by our company to power the product. If you need to replace the adapter, please use an adapter that meets the requirements.

Packing list:

Stage light *1

Remote control *1

Adapter *1

Bracket *1

Screw *2

Manual *1