Brand: U`King

Original model: ZQ00324001

New model:ZQ03053

Color: black

Power supply requirement: AC100V~240V, 50Hz~60Hz

Adapter power supply: DC 5V/1A-2A

USB cable length: 201cm

Number of lamp beads: 6

Laser source: 532nm green laser*1, 650nm red laser*1

LED light source: three-in-one RGB *1, UV *3

Pattern: 30 kinds of patterns

Light efficiency: RG laser, RGB three-in-one LED, UV LED

Use environment: 10~40℃ indoor

Warm-up time: 2~8 minutes

Light distance: within 10 meters of the best distance

Control mode: manual, remote control

Working mode: voice control, self-propelled, strobe

Cooling system: fan forced cooling system

Scanning system: precision motor

Scope of application: bars, KTV, parties, banquets, etc.

Instructions for use: When using, you need to slide the power button on the back, slide it to ON, when you don’t use it, slide it to OFF

Safety instructions:

-This product is a Class IIIB laser product. Avoid laser exposure to the eye close to the light outlet, otherwise it may cause eye discomfort.

-Do not let children operate this product alone, please give safety tips before other people operate.

-This product is suitable for indoor use, and its protection level is IP20. Suitable for dry environment, please avoid using in humid, overheated and dusty environment. Good heat dissipation around the product, away from flammable objects or liquids.

Packing list:

Stage light *1

Remote control *1

Bracket *2

Screw *2

USB cable *1

Manual *1