Model: ZQ05157

Material: plastic

Color: black

Voltage: AC110-240V, 50/60Hz

Power: 30W

Lamp bead type: R/G/B/3in1

Number of beads: 13pcs

Bead effect: coloring magic ball laser strobe

Lens angle: 25 °

Working mode: self-propelled voice control remote control

Cooling mode: fan cooling

Product Features:

1. Easy to carry. Plastic material, beautiful, durable, easy to carry.

2. Easy to control. Support a variety of control, self-propelled, voice control and remote control, to adapt to the needs of different places.

3. Simple installation, easy to start. Convenient and simple installation design, simple operation, easy and efficient.

4. Wide range of uses. Suitable for DJ, performance, concert, nightclub, party, bar, KTV, dance hall, etc., to increase the dynamic atmosphere.

Packing List:

1. Five-in-one bracket effect light * 1

2. Stand *2

3. Remote control * 1

4. Screws *4

5. Instruction manual *1