Brand: U`King

New model:ZQ01019001

New model:ZQ10064

Color: black

Material: Sheet metal base + plastic housing

Input voltage: AC110V/220V50/60HZ (according to the region)

Rated power: 500W

5pcs 3-in-1 high power lamp beads (1W RGB) LEDs

Control protocol: 315MHz (Europe can not show)

Effective control distance: about 15 meters

Control mode: manual control + remote control

Heating time: about 2-3 minutes for the first heating of the power on, about 20 seconds for the subsequent cycle heating

Smoke blowing time: 17-22 seconds

Smoke spraying distance: 2-3 meters

Consumable capacity: 100ml Consumption: lasts about 40 minutes

Protection grade: IP30

Working environment: -10℃-45℃

Product Features:

1. Spraying smoke pure white: The smoke from this smoke machine is pure white in color, which can well create a romantic and dreamy atmosphere.

2. LED light beads rendering: the machine is equipped with 5 LED 3-in-1 light beads, which can emit colorful light rendering colorful smoke, adding more colors to the party atmosphere.

3. Exclusive customized heating core: This makes the machine last longer and have more stable performance.

4. Manual control + remote receiver in one: The remote receiver is equipped with a preheating completion indicator light, which will light up when the machine is finished preheating, which means you can directly press the in-line button to spray smoke, or you can control it with the remote control.

5. Small size and light weight: this smoke machine is small in size and light in weight, easy to transport and carry, very suitable for home use.

Operation method:

1. Remove all packages, open the fuel tank, pour high-quality smoke oil (not included in the package) and tighten the container lid.

2. After connecting the power supply and the signal receiver, turn the switch to “ON” and the machine will start heating. After the heating is completed, use the wireless remote control to control the fog machine spray.

3. If the fog machine stops working, please warm up again. When the temperature drops, it takes time to heat up again.

4. Frequently check whether there is enough misty liquid in the machine. If there is no misty liquid, the operation will seriously damage the machine.

5. If the machine has little fog, noisy or no smoke, please turn off the power and check the e-liquid, fuse, signal receiver and power plug.


1. Keep the machine dry and clean.

2. Use indoors.

3. Only suitable for adult operation, children are not allowed to approach.

4. Place it horizontally, do not tilt and turn it upside down.

5. Please turn off the power or pull out the plug after use.

6. Do not spray it directly on people at a distance.

7. During use, the temperature of the product will become higher, so the distance between the machine and other substances should be kept above 100 cm.

8. Put the machine in a well-ventilated place, do not cover the ventilation holes, and do not place flammable materials around the product (keep away from carpets, wooden boards and flammable materials).

9. Do not add oil, gas, perfume and other irritating liquids to the sprayer.

10. Please avoid the e-liquid contact with the skin and eyes, once contacted, please use clean water to wash immediately.

Keep clean:

1. After about 40 hours of continuous use, please use 80% distilled water and 20% vinegar to clean the dirt in the refractory pipe.

2. e-liquid for next use.

3. Use a dry cloth to clean the machine and keep it dry during storage.

Packing list:

1. Smoke machine *1

2. Wire control *1

3. Remote control *1

4. Power cord *1

5. Screw *2

6. Bracket *1

7. Instruction manual *1