Fog Machine 700W Smoke Machine with Disco Ball Lights 9 LED Colorful Light Effect


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  • 700W Fog Machine: As the power of fog machine is 700W, output power reaches to around 3500 CFM between 3 and 4 meters distance and duration of fog time is about 30 seconds
  • LED Light and Magic Ball Light: This fog machine with 9 LED light and magic ball light. They can work individually by remote control without worrying about difficult control;
  • Wireless Remote Control: Supplied with a wireless remote control for distant use, you can control your fog machine within a 30-meter radius, press remote button once to get continuous fog;
  • Durable in Use: The fog machine is made from some premium grade materials iron and aluminum metals, which is enough for better heat dissipation and durable enough for longer service life;
  • Multiple Scene Use: The smoke machine is perfect for Halloween, Christmas, Wedding, Stage, Club, Pub, Live Concert, Party, DJ, etc.
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Color: black

Material: iron

Voltage: AC110V-220V 50Hz

Power: 700W

Light source: 9 three-in-one full-color LED combined with 6 single-color lamp beads

Oil pot capacity: 150ml

Control method: wireless remote control

Warm-up time: 2-3 minutes

Smoke distance: about 3m

Smoke time: about 22 seconds

Remote control distance: 50m (without interference)

Power cord: about 122cm long

Scope of application: Widely used in dance halls, stages, KTV, weddings, PARTY and other occasions to increase the romantic atmosphere.

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Weight1.6 kg
Dimensions12.0 × 12.0 × 24.0 cm

Czech Republic, United Kindom, United States

9 reviews for Fog Machine 700W Smoke Machine with Disco Ball Lights 9 LED Colorful Light Effect

  1. Christian Bulleri (verified owner)

    best price top performances for small events…

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  2. Dinon

    Every year our family adds decorations for Halloween and just happened to see this smoke machine on Walmart’s website last month. I came back and tried it out, all I had to do was pour the fuel in, wait for it to heat up for 2-3 minutes, and it was spewing out smoke with disco lights flashing, I’m already looking forward to our Halloween this year!

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  3. Curry

    A few minutes of preheating and it puffs out a lot of smoke, which allows my party to get started as soon as possible.

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  4. Pawn

    Particularly beautiful, the effect is very strong, do not feel pungent and odourless, seven-colour effect is very dreamy, too beautiful, try it out, the effect is very good, good, follow-up decoration, look at the effect, but also bought a lighting console, console control to do lighting effects, the effect must be even better effect is really not much to say, especially good, the beam of light is particularly strong, and does not blinding, and got a good long time, in total, to the formation of the effects that we want to, with the control console control, really a lot of tricks you can play!

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  5. LeBlanc

    Smoke machine to receive a period of time, use before coming to comment. Previously in his home to buy a three-head shaking head beam light, now together with the smoke machine is simple to operate, easy to move, the amount of smoke, long duration, with the spray effect is really good. And the seller described exactly the same. Pros in need can rest assured that the purchase, very good to use, rocker switch, spray fog covers a large area, very * true, no odour, very environmentally friendly with lights, the effect is very great, the future recognition of the top wave of this shop! Genuine

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  6. Ezreal

    Appearance design is beautiful, the size of the right size, packaging carefully intact, this is the first feeling after receipt, compact smoke machine is suitable for hiding, does not take up space, the concentration of smoke to see the proportion of their own match, smoke is not choking, the machine should be warmed up for a period of time before the spraying of smoke, the experience is not bad, the stage effect is good. Quite good small smoke machine, stage effect is very good, smoke and more covered area is also very large, remote control operation is very convenient! I bought a set of various occasions can change their own things to load, cost-effective!

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  7. Lucian

    Smoke object is very large, the spray is very far, machine is very good, easy to use the effect of good, are said to feel good, the future need to come back. Very satisfied with the smoke is very large, out of the effect is very good effect bar, than I thought a lot of good

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  8. Akari

    It is really worth this praise, to be very urgent shipping very quickly, the same day on the issue, did not delay my project, and then replaced with lighting is also very timely to me to change the service attitude is very good, I sent them a screenshot of the courier, and immediately dealt with during the period of a lot of problems I look for them, but also immediately to me to deal with this praise must be given, before buying a small comparison of this elsewhere, this service is really a few times! This is a very convenient, conscientious seller. This up very also convenient, conscientious seller, the price is not expensive, the quality is good, no wonder the sale is good, in short, very satisfied with the very praise ~ there will be a need to come back to support!

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  9. Ari

    In his shop bought a smoke machine with this butterfly light together with the purchase, online shopping for so many years, this is the first time I’m so serious about it. I hold the phone with trepidation staring at the screen back late dare not start. In order to write this evaluation, I mustered up the courage to drink three bottles of beer to have confidence. I remember the first time I drank or on the day of the first love confession, today is the same mood, spell, in order not to live up to the expectations of the boss of my expectations I will be objective, fair and truthful to write their own evaluation: this is my this happy one online shopping, thank you!

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