Model: ZQ02314

Color: black

Material:Aluminum + nylon plastic

Voltage: AC110V-240V 50/60Hz

Rated power: 260W

Light source: 1PCS 200W white LED module

Channel: 14CH

Operation modes: self-propelled, voice-activated, master-slave, DMX

Protocol: standard DMX512 protocol, RDM protocol

Lighting angle: 2°

Strobe: 1-10Hz

Color temperature: 8000K

Display color index: Ra≥80

Illuminance: 120,000 Lux@5 meters

Color plate: 13PCS colors + white light

Fixed gobo disk: 14PCS patterns + 4PCS white light holes

Colorful fogging: colorful mirror effect

Ling mirror: 1PCS 24 prism

X-axis: 540 ° precision 2.11 ° / step, fine-tuning precision 0.008 °

Y-axis: 270° precision 1.05°/step, fine-tuning precision 0.004°

Data connection: three core XLR input/output

Display: LCD liquid crystal display touch button screen control

Heat dissipation mode: intelligent heat dissipation

Protection grade: IP65

Working environment:-10℃-50℃

Dimming: 0-100% linear dimming

LED average life: 10000H

Product Features:

1. Good waterproof performance:It adopts a tight sealing design in the structure to ensure that the inside of the light body is isolated from the external environment, which can effectively isolate the external moisture.

2. Multi-functional lighting effects: Support a variety of lighting effects, such as color variation, projection patterns and beam movement, etc., which can be freely switched and changed according to the stage hazards.

3. Flexible control: Lighting adjustment and special effects switching can be carried out through DMX control, realizing diversified control of lighting.

4. Reliability and durability: With high-quality materials and manufacturing process, it has good durability and reliability, and can run stably for a long time.

5. Lamp protection: with anti-overheating, anti-overload and other protection functions, effectively protect the lamps and lanterns from damage. The product is built-in main and vice and voice control function, so that the user can conveniently control multiple units through the voice or controller.

6. Diversified lighting effects: LCD liquid crystal display touch screen control, Chinese and English bilingual switching, the use of more intelligent and simple; applicable to outdoor lighting, stage performances, courtyards, concerts, concerts and other needs for diverse lighting effects.

Packing list:

1. Lamp *1

2. Power cord *1

3. Signal cable *1

4. Light hook *2

5. Safety cord *1

6. Instruction manual *1