Model: ZQ12074

Colour: black + orange

Material: metal + plastic

Voltage: AC100-240v/50-60Hz

Product weight: 8kg

Product size: 53*44.5*11.3cm

Carton packing weight: 11Kg

Carton packing size: 59.5*51.5*20cm

Product Features:

1. 512/1990 standard, maximum 1024 control channels, opto-isolated signal output -L control 96 maximum dimming volume or 96 channels, using pearl lamp head.

2. Built-in graphic trajectory generator with 135 built-in graphics, convenient for users to control the amount of graphic trajectory, such as painting, spiral, rainbow, chasing and other effects. Graphic parameters (e.g. amplitude, speed, interval, wave, direction) can be set independently.

3. The Console has the function of writing a library of lights. the L60 repeats the scene, using a multi-step scene.

4. A multi-step scene can store up to 600 steps.

5. LCD display with backlight, maintenance of shutdown data in English and Chinese, backup and upgrade possible.

Packing List:

1. Console *1

2. Power cord *1

3. USB stick *1

4. Working light *1

5. Instruction manual *1