Model: ZQ12072

Colour: black

Material: cold plate shell

Power input: 90-240V 50-60HZ

TYPE-C plug: 5V-2A

Rated power: 10W

Capacity: 2600mAh

Battery life: 6 hours

Charging time: 2 hours

Product Features:

1. Feature-rich, easy to program for beginners or not.

2. Maximum 40 channels can be controlled.

3. Supports 5 CHASE effects, each effect can be up to 50 single steps.

4. With power failure memory, power on automatically enter the mode of operation before power failure; When the fixture address setting is aligned to 8CH, it can realize the function of lifting the lamp; Battery-powered, easy to use, no need to search for the fixtures.

5. Battery-powered, easy to use, eliminating the need to search for 220V, and compatible with TYPE-C port, which is the common charging method for cell phones.

6. Buttons with luminous prompts, the operation status is clear at a glance.

Programming Process Introduction:

1. In the idle state, press and hold the CHASE button to enter programming mode.

2. All 5 keys in the light selection area light up.

3. Select the corresponding press to indicate the CHASE number to be programmed.

4. The single-step editing state is entered.

5. Push the fader to set the single-step scene effect, similar to the manual mode operation.

6. Press UP to save and move to the next step edit.

7. Repeat step 5.

8. After editing all the steps, press MANUAL to exit the programming state and finish saving.

Package List:

1. Console*1

2. Charging cable*1

3. Instruction manual*1