Brand: U`King

Model: ZQ05149

Color: black

Material: iron

Power supply: AC 90V~240V, 50Hz/60Hz

Rated power: 36W

LED lamp beads: 3W blue

Laser power: R638nm 100mw*2, G532nm 50mw, B450nm 100mw

Lighting effect: Aurora, starry sky, water pattern three in one

Signal connection: signal input line/output line

Control channel: 7 DMX-512 signal channels

Control mode: DMX-512 signal control, sound activated, self-propelled and master-slave mode

Cooling system (cooling method): silent fan forced cooling system

Working environment: indoor

Protection class: IP52

Power cord length: about 121cm

Applicable scene: suitable for DJ, performance, concert, nightclub, party, bar, KTV, dance hall, etc., to increase the dynamic and exciting atmosphere.

Features: high brightness, multiple operation modes, intelligent voice control, portable installation, colorful effects, rich patterns



1. The appearance adopts metal baking paint process, which is beautiful and durable.

2. The crystal clear and transparent magic ball crystal reflects cool lighting effects, creating colorful and cool stage visual effects for you, allowing you to enjoy it all the time.

3. The three effects of starry sky, aurora and water pattern are integrated, and the colors flying in the sky can easily drive the atmosphere of the scene, making you feel like you are in the scene.

4. Large air volume cooling system, high-power fan thickens aluminum plate, strengthens heat dissipation, and maintains the continuous working ability of the lamp.

5. Support a variety of control methods, DMX-512 signal control, voice control, self-propelled and master-slave modes, to adapt to the needs of different places.

5. Wide range of applications, suitable for DJs, performances, concerts, nightclubs, parties, bars, KTV, dance halls, etc., to increase the dynamic atmosphere.

Packing list:

Starry sky light *1

Power cord *1

Screw *2

Bracket *1

User manual *1