Color: black

Material: aluminum alloy structure

Working voltage: AC100 ~ 240V, 50/60HZ

Power: 95W

Light source: 12PCS * 10W RGBW 4 in1 LED

Channel: 8CH/16CH/48CH

Luminous angle: 33 °

Fuse: F3AL250V

Control mode: self-propelled, voice-activated, master-slave, DMX

Illumination: R: 697Lux@1m, G: 1340Lux@1m, B: 1270Lux@1m, W: 1970Lux@1m, RGBW full brightness: 5210Lux@1m

Projection distance: 6-8M

LED average life: 30000H

Protocol: standard DMX512 protocol

Data connection: three core XLR input/output

Display: 4-digit digital display

Protection grade: IP20

Working environment: -20℃-40℃

Product Description:

This light uses 8W high power 4-in-1 LED beads with uniform color mixing, which can provide excellent lighting effects for your bar, performance stage and other places. It is compact and easy to install, and can be flexibly placed in various places such as stages, bars, etc. to add unique visual effects to your performances or events. At the same time, this par light also has stable performance and long life design to ensure reliability and durability for long-term use.

Product Features:

1. Uniform color mixing, vivid color, smooth dimming: the product has excellent color mixing ability, which can produce uniform and vivid color effects, while the dimming function is very smooth, which can provide users with high-quality visual experience.

2. LED point control 4-in-1 wall washer: the product adopts LED point control technology to realize 4-in-1 wall washer function, providing richer and three-dimensional light effects.

3. 16 different random show modes: the product is built-in 16 different random show modes, providing users with diversified choices and increasing the fun and practicality of the product.

4. To sum up, this product has the features of uniform color mixing, vivid color, smooth dimming, LED point-controlled 4-in-1 wall washer and 16 different random performance modes, which can provide richer and more three-dimensional light effects to meet the needs of different places and provide a good using experience.

Safety instruction:

1. When opening the packing, take all accessories out, and remove the light to a horizontal table for good operation. First check whether the accessories are complete, then check carefully whether the whole light has no damage. If there is any damage, please keep it original and return to the factory.

2. AC Power:Check whether the local power supply is accordance with the requirements of the product rated voltage.

3. The product is only suitable for indoor working environment. The light should keep dry, keep away from wet, overheat or dusty environment. Don’t come into contact with water and other liquids to prevent or reduce the risk of electric shock or fire.

4. Please do not install the light directly on the surface of the combustible substance.

5. The people who install, operate and maintain of light professional certificate required.

6. When there are faults of the light, please stop using the light immediately. Don’t try to repair, please contact the nearest authorized technical assistance center, if the parts damage, always use the same type of parts replaced.

7. Don’t touch any electrical wiring in the process of operation to prevent the risk of electric shock.

8. To make sure the light working environment temperature, the highest do not exceed 40 ℃,the lowest do not exceed – 20 ℃.

9. Under the stable cooling working situation, the highest temperature of the  housing of the light can reach 80 ℃, please do not touch.

10. The light is design according to the type of electric shock protection. The light should be use in good connection grounding power system and the ground wire must connect with the ground wire of the power supply system. The earth sign port of the light should be connected to the installing fixtures.

11. Do not use the damage of the insulating layer wire and also do not use the power cord overlap on the other wire. When not in use or clean the light, please disconnect the power, don’t pull the plug in hard or just drag the wires.

12. There are no components inside for maintenance. Before start operation the light, please check whether all of the shell is installed.  In the case of the shell open used the light is prohibited.

Note: Under any installation, maintenance and clean the light, please confirm that has cut off the power cord!

Packing list:

1. Four color wall wash light *1

2. 1.5m 0.75² IEC power cable *1

3. Bracket *2

4. Handle screw *2

5. Round Washer *2

6. Instruction manual * 1