Model: ZQ16027

Material: carbon steel + aluminum alloy

Color: black

Voltage: 110V,50/60HZ; 220V,50/60HZ

Output power: 700W

Insurance: 110V:T10A;220V:T5A

Display panel: LED digital display

Spraying direction: up spraying models

Bin volume: 200/g

Consumption of consumables: 30g / min

Heating method: electromagnetic heating

Preheating time: 4 minutes

Temperature control mode: electronic thermostat control

Communication mode: DMX512 signal / 433MHz wireless remote control

Cooling mode: fan cooling

Channel: 3CH

Working mode: light console programming / remote control built-in program

Spraying height: 2.5 ~ 5.5 meters / 4 height gears

Control mode: console / remote control

Operating temperature: 0 ° ~ 45 °

Scope of application: product super high spray effect, the maximum spray height of up to 5.5 meters, the spark effect is more intensive and more shocking. Equipment outside the cold fireworks below 40 degrees Celsius, can be widely used in large-scale performances, conferences, music festivals, weddings, parties, celebrations, performing arts, entertainment activities, etc., to set the scene atmosphere, to create the node atmosphere climax, suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor scenes using.

Product Introduction: 700W electronic cold flame on the spray flower machine, is a revolutionary stage cold flame fountain special effects equipment, equipment using a new control system and standard DMX512 and 433MHz wireless remote control two communication modes, you can switch communication mode for control. Can achieve a variety of cold flame fountain special effects, stage special effects electronic spray flower machine development is a collection of mechanical, electronic, intelligent control, electromagnetism and aerodynamics, and other disciplines in one intelligent product. Products with tilt protection, chassis over-temperature protection, movement over-temperature protection, machine current overload protection. More convenient to use, more reliable safety.

Product Features:

1. Spark jet up to 5.5 meters, the spark is uniform and full, the effect is more shocking.

2. Upgrade the supplies transmission system, the lower and feeding materials using dual motor drive, more accurate control.

3. Optimize the chain tooth transmission structure, the transmission is more stable.

4. Adopt electromagnetic heating, high efficiency, low energy consumption, uniform heat conduction.

5. Automatic material clearing, intelligent anti-blocking, separate emptying of the heater, saving the loss of the remaining material in the silo.

6. Anti-tilting protection, detect the body tilt, automatically stop working.

7. Super outlier receiving module + external gain antenna, enhance the signal anti-interference, remote control distance farther.

8. Remote control built-in 6 kinds of special effects running horse spray program, easier to operate.

9. Reserved for maintenance port design, such as the occurrence of abnormal card machine, without removing the cover can be quickly repaired.

10. Removable dust filter, easy and fast cleaning.

11. Blower failure detection protection, abnormal automatic stop and error reporting.

Caution: Please follow the operating requirements of the product manual for use.

Packing List:

1. Cold flame electronic spark machine *1

2. Power cord *1

3. Signal cable *1

4. Remote control *1

5. Instruction manual *1