Model: ZQ10137

Color: Black

Material:Aluminum alloy

Input voltage: AC110V/240V/ 50/60Hz

Rated power: 500W

Lamp beads: 3PCS three-in-one high-power lamp beads

Control protocol: 433MHz

Effective control distance: about 15 meters

Control mode: remote control

Heating time: the first heating of the boot about 2-3 minutes, the subsequent cycle of heating about 20 seconds

Smoke time:17-22 seconds

Smoke Spraying Distance:2-3 meters

Oil pot capacity:260ml

Spraying time:about 1 hour

Protection grade:IP30

Working environment:-10℃-45℃

Product weight: 2kg

Product size: 27*18*18cm

Product Features:

1. Single remote control operation, smoke, lamp beads free switching.

2. Individual control of the LED color, individual control of smoke spraying.

3. The machine is equipped with a preheating indicator, preheating completed light up, you can start spraying smoke.

4. Equipped with double-layer temperature control protection, safer to use.

Safety precautions:

1.Attention: improper placement of battery may cause explosion. Replace only the same or equivalent types.

2.Warning on the battery of the controller: the used battery should not be discarded together with domestic garbage, but should be recycled at a separate collection point. Improper battery replacement may cause explosion. Keep new and old batteries out of the reach of children. If the battery compartment is not properly closed, please stop using it and put it out of the reach of children. Warning: the provided force controller contains button cells. If swallowed, it may cause serious internal burns or even death within 2 hours.

3.If you have any questions about whether the battery has been swallowed or introduced into other parts of the body, please contact the doctor immediately. Before cleaning the equipment, if it is connected to the power supply, please disconnect it. Do not use harsh cleaners. Use a clean cloth to remove dust or dirt from the product. We are not responsible for damage caused by improper handling, improper use or wear. We reserve the right to make technical modifications.

4.In order to protect the environment and / or human health, waste should be recycled in a responsible manner to support the sustainable reuse of resources. If you need to recycle second-hand electrical appliances, please go to the electrical appliances collection center or contact the dealer who purchased your products. They will ensure the ecological recycling of products.

Operation steps:

1. Open the bottle cap and add special smoke oil.

2. Plug in the power cord and turn on the switch.

3. Wait for 2-3 minutes, the red indicator light on the machine is on, and press the remote control to select smoking.

Pay special attention to:

1. This product is in a heated state during use. The high temperature of the machine is normal, please do not touch it with your hands.

2. This product should be used in a dry place. Any liquid should not penetrate into the inside of the machine (just in the oil bottle). If accidental infiltration occurs, turn off the power immediately and wait for the machine to dry before using it.

3. Keep away from flammable and explosive materials when using this product.

4. When the liquid in the oil bottle is about to run out, smoke fluid should be added immediately, otherwise continuing to work will damage the machine.

5. When the machine is working, please do not directly touch the smoke vent and the bottom of the machine with your hands. To prevent burns.

6. After use, it should be packaged and stored after it has cooled down.

7. Turn off the the machine when no one is present.

Other Precautions:

1. All sprayers will produce a small amount of mist or moisture around the nozzle, and occasionally a small amount of smoke will be emitted when it is stopped, which is a normal phenomenon.

2. The machine is with a working mode of heating and cooling cycle. Only when the heating is completed, the machine can start spraying.

3. Regular cleaning is of great benefit to the machine. Poor atomized liquid will cause clogging. It is recommended to use high-quality atomized liquid.

About machine maintenanc:

1. After about 40 hours of continuous use, please use 80% distilled water and 20% white vinegar to remove the impurities accumulated in the heat pipe.

2. Clean the pipeline and filter head in the tank;

3. Pour out the mist liquid and replace the cleaning liquid (80% distilled water and 20% white vinegar).

4. Turn on the power, continue heating, and use the cleaning fluid instead of the smoke fluid to work until the cleaning fluid is used up.

5. If the smoke becomes smaller, the pump makes noise, or cannot spray. turn off the power i mmediately, and check whether there is smoke fluid in the oil bottle. Whether the fuse is intact, whether the controller interface and power plug are plugged in. If all of these are normal, please connect the power and plug to try again. If the problem still cannot be solved, please contact us and we will help you solve it as soon as possible.

Packing list:

1. Fog Machine *1

2. Handle *1

3. Power Cable *1

4. Screws for Handle *2

5. Remote Control *1

6. Instruction Manual *1