Model:  ZQ16003
Product Material: Aluminium Alloy
Shell colour: white
Energy Consumption (Power): 700W
Input voltage: AC220V/50Hz or AC110V/60Hz
Fuse: 5A or 10A
Preheat time: Approx. 3 minutes
Control mode: DMX512, remote control
Control channel: 2CH
Operation mode: remote control, DMX console
Remote control beam height: The three gears BCD represent three different heights, but the change in height is not noticeable in BC and will be more noticeable in D.
Display board: LCD
Operating temperature: -10℃-50℃
Cooling mode: Built-in fan
Application Area: Outdoor / Indoor

Product Features:
1. Our stage equipment special effect machine has a convenient and visible LED screen to inform you about its working status. Compared with traditional products, it features low noise.
2. This high quality DMX special lighting machine offers you 3 levels of adjustable heights to achieve different lighting effects, creating a magnificent romantic atmosphere. Of course, you can easily change the heights with the digital controller.
3. Our stage lighting machine adopts the advanced DMX control system, so it can be multi-connected to satisfy your needs. You can connect up to 6 machines at the same time with the signal lines. We provide 1PC signal line and 1PC cable in the package for your quick use.
4. This machine is made of aluminium alloy, which is sturdy, pretending its using life. Moreover, with humanised carrying handles, you can take the machines everywhere and enjoy the performances.
5. Wide application, this stage effect machine can bring you a fantastic scene, create a happy atmosphere. Perfect to use on stage, wedding, disco, events, celebrations, opening/closing ceremony, etc.

1. This product is safe and environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless.
2. The sparking is mild and non-invasive, the hand can touch, will not burn clothes.
3. Special light machine supplies compound titanium powder need to be purchased separately.
4. Each use of the machine after the machine please clean up the residual material in the special effect machine to prevent clogging the machine.

Packing list:
4 x Cold flame electronic fire machine
4 x DMX signal cable
4 x Power Cord (American 1.5M)
4 x Remote control
4 x User manual

  • Powerful Performance:After pressing the start button, the cold spark machine gets heating to reach the working temperature in about 5-10 minutes to offer a charming lighting show.
  • Get Beautiful Spark Effect:We recommend you use up the metal powder each time. If you can not use the powder up, please pour it out of the machine to ensure that it will not clump and affect subsequent use.
  • 6.6-16 fts Spark Height:This fireworks machine supports max. 16 fts height spark, 3-level height adjustable. Spark direction: up; you can control the various effects within 66 ft with the controller.
  • Simultaneously Usage:With the intelligent DMX system of the cold spark machine, you are allowed to use one remote controller to achieve a one-time convenient control. Signal lines are included.
  • Indoor & Outdoor Use:The spark machine is suitable for home and commercial use; it is commonly used on different occasions, such as ceremonies, weddings, parties, concerts, clubs, etc.