Model: ZQ30002

Material: metal

Color: black

Input voltage: AC110V-240V 50/60HZ

Rated power: 300W

Fireball height: 3-4m

Fire column height: 2-3m

Spitfire time: fireball instantaneous explosion fire column up to 5 seconds

Consumables capacity: can be loaded into 3 spitfire oil

Control mode: DMX

Display panel: LED digital display

No oil protection: support

Protocol: Standard DMX512 protocol

DMX control channel: 5 CH

DMX input and output: 3-pin XLR input/output

Protection grade: IP20

Consumables Requirements: Spitfire Oil (Pressure: non-drain liquefied petroleum gas cylinders, butane gas cylinders (can not be used pressure relief bottles, camping pressure relief cylinders) (each bottle can be sprayed for about a minute))

Product Description:

The new three-head flamethrower has several advantages over the traditional three-head flamethrower. First, it is more compact and portable, making it easier for users to carry and operate. Secondly, it has a lower center of gravity and is not easy to tip over, thus improving safety. In addition, the new 3-head flamethrower also adopts a pulse igniter with a high success rate of ignition, making the operation more convenient and reliable. It is also equipped with a stainless steel nozzle, which has a long service life and can be kept in good condition for a long time. Most importantly, the new three-head flamethrower is also equipped with an anti-tipping device, which will automatically cut off the power when the machine is tipped over, further ensuring the safety of use. To summarize, the new triple flame thrower has many advantages, which can bring users a more convenient, safe and reliable using experience.

Product Features:

1. Burning nozzle high temperature resistance. The burner made of stainless steel, high temperature resistance, not easy to block.

2. Safety and saving. The use of pulse ignition design, isolated from hidden safety hazards, to protect life safety.

3. Long service life. There are multiple heat sink holes in the chassis shell to prevent high temperature and extend the service life of the machine.

4. Widely used. Suitable for a variety of outdoor music festivals, performances, parties, concerts, etc., active event atmosphere.

Special Attention:

1. This product is in a heated state during use. The high temperature of the machine is normal, please do not touch it with your hands.

2. When using this product, please keep away from flammable and explosive materials.

3. When the machine is working, please do not touch the row of fire spout and the bottom of the machine directly with your hands to prevent burns.

4. After use, it should be packed and stored after cooling.

5. Turn off the machine when no one is present.

Packing List:

1. Spitfire *1

2. Power cord *1

3. Signal cable *1

4. Instruction manual *1