Material: iron

Color: black

Power: 300W(Machine:150W , Light beads:150W)

Voltage: 110V / 220V

Lamp bead type: 12V three colors

Number of beads: 18PCS

Bead effect: RGB

Control channel: 6CH

Lens angle: 25 °

Beam angle: 25 °

Control mode: electric control / DMX console control

Working mode: need to connect carbon dioxide gas cylinder

Service life: three years

Operating temperature: -10 ° to 40 °

Cooling mode : natural heat dissipation

Product Features:

1. Multi-angle adjustment design. 90 ° to adjust the angle of injection, can swing the angle at will, multi-angle smoke, so that the effect to the best state.

2. Two control methods. Electric control or DMX console control, convenient and fast.

3. Not easy to wear, stable performance. Material is made of hard iron, not easy to wear, high-quality solenoid valve and anti-interference circuit, stable performance.

4. Wide range of uses. Suitable for a variety of entertainment venues, suitable for stage, wedding, celebration, bar KTV, performance, increase the atmosphere of the event.

Packing List:

1. LED carbon dioxide gas column machine *1

2. Power cord *1

3. Five-meter supervisor *1

4. Power supply tandem head (white) *1

5.  Instruction manual *1