Material: Cold plate

Color: black

Voltage: AC220-230V / AC110-120V 50/60Hz

Power: 2400W

Insurance: 15A/25A

Control protocol: 433MHz

Effective control distance: 35M

Smoke part of the first preheating time: about 6min (after spraying smoke the second cycle of heating 16-20s)

The first warm-up time of the flower spraying part: about 8min

Smoke height: 7 meters

Spray height: 3 meters (indoor powder) 5 meters (outdoor powder)

Spray height adjustment: support

Single spray time: 6s

Spray time: unlimited

Temperature control mode: electronic thermostat control

Compartment capacity: 200g

Consumption of consumables: about 25g/min

Oil drum capacity: 2 liters

Oil consumption: about 3min/liter

Control mode: DMX, 8-key remote control, master-slave

Display panel: LCD liquid crystal display

Powder clearing function: support (remote control number 8 for clearing material)

No oil protection: support

Protocol: Standard DMX512 protocol

DMX control channel: 9 CH

DMX input and output: 3-pin XLR and 5-pin XLR

Protection grade: IP30

Working environment: -10℃-45℃

Product Description:

ZQ16045 (electronic double spray machine) is a multi-functional special effects machine, set the stage speed spray column, lighting and electronic cold fireworks effects as a whole. Can be used alone, but also multi-functional synchronous operation, creativity to break the limitations of traditional models, widely used in large-scale performances, theaters, weddings, bars and other entertainment markets.

Product Features:

1. Safe and environmentally friendly: cold fireworks are safe and without gunpowder, adapting to the needs of indoor and outdoor various different venues;

2. Smoke column colorful, brilliant: 6PCS*8W (RGBA) four-in-one light beads, built-in a variety of lighting combinations to create different colorful column;

3. Quick spraying and stopping: high-tech quick spraying and stopping design, so that the smoke send and receive freely, creating the perfect atmosphere;

4. Strong compatibility: standard DMX signal control, compatible with any DMX console, can control multiple work at the same time;

5. Wireless control: support wireless remote control, remote control range of up to 35 meters, to meet the needs of different occasions can control multiple machines at the same time.


1. The product is safe and environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless.

2. The spark is mild and non-invasive, the hand can touch.

3. Special light machine supplies compound titanium powder need to be purchased separately.

4. After each use of the machine please clean up the residue in the special effects machine to prevent clogging the machine.

Packing List:

1. Cold flame electronic spark machine * 1

2. 1.25 m power cord * 1

3. Wireless remote control * 1

4.  Instruction manual *1