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Color: black

Material: aluminum + iron

Voltage: AC90-220V, 50-60Hz

Light source: 2 PCS white + warm white leds

Channel: 8 ch

Control mode: voice control, master-slave, self-walk, DMX512

Power: 200W LED

Source: Cold White+Warm White

Dimming: 0-100%

Long life LED: over 60000 hours

Material: Cast aluminum shell, black

Protection level: IP20

Display Panel Operations:

After turning on the computer, press MENU to switch menus, press UP or DOWN to select the value size, and then press ENTER to save. After 30 seconds of no key operation, the screen saver will automatically activate. Press any key to activate


1.Plugged into a grounded power outlet for indoor use only.

2.Don’t expose the device to rain or moisture, avoid the risk of fire or electric shock. Make sure that no flammable objects near the device.

3.Install the equipment in a well-ventilated place at least 50cm from any surface, and ensure that the ventilation slots are not blocked.

4.Disconnect the equipment from the power supply before any operation.

5.The ambient temperature should not exceed 40°C, and the maximum ambient temperature is 45°C. Don’t operate the device at higher temperatures.

6.The equipment should be stopped immediately, if a fault occurs, and do not repair the equipment by yourself. Improper maintenance can result in damage and malfunction. Contact technical support for repair approval. Only the same accessories can be used with the original parts, and make sure the power cord is not blocked or damaged.

7.Do not expose your eyes to light sources, which can be a sign of a seizure in sensitive people.

8. The lamps are only used for decoration and not suitable for ordinary household lighting.

9.Replacing the fuse: Unplug the device from the power supply, remove the fuse holder from its original position with a screwdriver, take out the burnt fuse, replace the fuse with the same characteristics, then re-rotate the screw, and connect the device to the power supply superior.

10.WARNING: Stop using it if the fuse is still blowing after being replaced. Please contact customer support for further instructions, continued use may cause serious damage.Please read this manual carefully before operating this product.

11.Fix the equipment with the screw holes on the bracket to ensure that the equipment is firmly fixed to prevent vibration and movement during operation, and always check whether the structure of the equipment is strong enough to withstand equipment that is at least ten times.

Packing List:

1. Light *1

2. Power cord *1

3. Carrying handle *1

4. Knob *2

5. Spacer *2