Model: ZQ14017

Product material: stainless steel and ABS

Shell color: cyan + green

Input voltage: 5V 1A

Power input: 5VDC,±5%

Power consumption: 5W

Control mode: controlled by DMX512 console, the transmitter is plugged into the dmx console, the receiver is plugged into the lamp.

Control channel: DMX512

Working mode: the transmitter indicator flashes red, the receiver indicator flashes green, which is the state of signal transmission.

Service life: 10 years

Power cord length: 92cm

System information

CPU: 32-bit ARM core

Wireless parameters

Communication distance: 500m Operating band:2.400-2.4835GHz,ISM,126 bands Modulation mode:GFSK

Maximum transmitting power: 23dBm

Receiving sensitivity: -94dBm

DMX signal interface: RS485


Auto restart timer: Built-in WDT

Operating Environment

Working temperature: -40~85°C,5~95%RH humidity Storage temperature: -65~150°C,5~95%RH humidity

Scope of application: stage lighting, large cultural performances, stadium lighting, temporary stage performances, city lighting systems, television stations, conference centers, professional theaters, theme parks, dance halls, bars and small cultural performances, etc.

Product Features:

1. Standard DMX512 three-core interface, transmission without delay, no packet loss, sending and receiving as one, automatic switching, three-color LED display working status and parameters, single key operation 126 frequency bands automatic frequency hopping, automatic selection of interference-free frequency bands, to ensure the reliability of communication.

2. 7 groups of ID codes can be set, users can use independent 7 groups of wireless network in one place without interference, wireless DMX512 transceiver YXR-512X to wirelessly transmit the standard DMX512 console data, but also to transmit the online data between the lamps and lanterns.

3. The product completely solve the lighting console and lights, lights and lights between the wireless transmission of data, completely remove the long-standing reliance on twisted-pair cable. In the process of data transmission to do no time delay, data real-time reliable!

4. The product uses 2.4G global open ISM band, license-free use. Efficient GFSK modulation, 126 channels automatic frequency hopping communication design, strong anti-interference ability.

5. a transmitter can control 100 receivers at the same time.

Grouping operation instructions:

(Note: the need to use the grouping setting items, customers must be in two transmitters at the same time to control their respective lamps, this time only need to set the grouping, if the customer has only one transmitter does not need to set anything, after the power supply plug and play)

1. Press the button to display the current ID settings, and then press the ID settings, each press the ID value plus 1

2. working status: LED always on: no DMX or wireless signal; red LED flashing: transmitting; green LED flashing: receiving.

Packing List:

1. Transmitter *1

2. Receiver *3

3. Power cord *4

4. Packing box *1

5. Instruction manual *1