DMX Stage Light Signal Cable Wire Suitable for Moving Head Light, PAR Light, Spotlight, Laser Light, Effect Light, Follow Light, Power Amplifier, Audio , Microphone and Other Equipment with XLR Input and Output


Model: ZQ14019

Colour: black

Material: PVC+Copper

Length: approx 3m

Benefits: good connectivity, strong and durable, stable signal transmission

Features: good conductivity, wide range of applications


1. The surface of our DMX cable is made of high quality PVC material, which is durable and flexible, wear-resistant and anti-ageing.

2. Adopt international standard XLR interface, one plug and play, wide range of application.

3. Easy to use, clean and reel in. When not in use, please roll it up for easy storage.

4. Widely used to connect all stage electrical equipment with the same interface, such as moving head lights, umbrella lights, laser lights, effect lights, chasing lights, power amplifiers, sound, microphones and other equipment.

5. High fidelity shielding design, soft and durable, ordinary wires will have unstable signal transmission and signal distortion. We use oxygen-free pure copper double shielding design to ensure full signal, large band amplitude, smooth transmission and avoid signal loss defects.

Packing List:

DMX cable *1