19PCS Focusing 19PCS*15W 4-in-1 LED DMX512 Moving Head Par Light for DJ Karaoke Dance Hall KTV Disco Bar

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Moving Head Par Light Specific: LED: 19PCS*15W,

Zoom angle:7°-60°,

Number of motors: 3 silent motors in total,

LCD interface, easy to operate.

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Moving Head Par Light Specifications:

Model: ZQ02253

Colour: Black

Material: Alloy+Plastic

LED: 19PCS*15W

Voltage: AC100V-240V

Frequency: 50Hz-60Hz

Fuse: 3A

Color temperature: 8500K

Zoom angle:7°-60°

Control mode: DMX512, Auto, master-slave, sound control

Exterior : high temperature resistant plastic + molded alloy material

Exterior color: black

Protection class: IP20

International standard control signal: DMX512

Channel number: 16CH/24CH/32CH

Number of motors: 3 silent motors in total

LCD interface, easy to operate, beautiful interface, and the interface can be reversed by 180 degrees.

The horizontal rotation of the X axis is 540°C, and the vertical rotation of the Y axis is 270°C, with automatic correction positioning.

The X and Y axes can be adjusted and fine-tuned, and the software has a correction and positioning function, with high precision!

Dimming: 0-100% linear adjustment.

Strobe: Strobe speed (1-30 times/second), complete linear dimming and variable strobe speed.

Focusing: Using optical combination, the effect is far better than ordinary wash lights, and can project HD effect.

Overheating intelligent protection

Intelligent dimming control (extend the service life of the light source)

Moving Head Par Light Product Features:

1. High brightness lighting effect. 19pcs 15W lamp beads, super brightness and high quality light output, smooth mixing, vivid colours, create any colour you want.

2. Beautiful shape. Dazzling light, new and innovative appearance, selected high-quality five-sided lens, strong penetration.

3. Multiple control modes. dmx512, auto, sound control, master/slave. Perfect control of stage lighting for different occasions.

4. Made of light, strong and wear-resistant high temperature resistant plastic + moulded alloy material. Stable performance, prolong the service life of the lamps.

5. Wide range of uses. Used for various scenes, DJ, karaoke, dance hall, KTV, disco, bar, cinema, church, club, Halloween, Christmas, wedding, etc.

Safety warning!

In order to ensure your safe and correct use of lamps, please read the following safety tips carefully before use to avoid unnecessary failures and injuries.

1. Non-professionals, do not disassemble the lamps and accessories inside the lamps without authorization.

2. AC power supply: check whether the local power supply meets the rated voltage requirements of the product.

3. The luminaire is designed according to the type of electric shock protection. The luminaire must be connected to a fully grounded power supply system, and the ground wire of the luminaire must be connected to the ground wire of the power supply system. Do not use a power cord with damaged insulation, and do not use it The power cord is bonded to other wires.

4. When installing and positioning the lamp, keep a minimum distance of 10 meters from any point on the surface of the lamp and any flammable and explosive materials, and 2.5 meters from the irradiated object. Please do not install the lamp directly on the surface of burnable materials.

5. The ambient temperature of the lamp: (- 10 degrees + 40 degrees), the maximum surface temperature of the lamp is 80 degrees, and keep the lamp away from liquid substances and humid environments.

6. Before using the lamp, make sure that the lamp is well grounded, and do not install or remove any parts of the lamp while it is live.

7. When installing lamps, the fixing screws must be tightened, and a safety cable must be added, and regular inspections must be made.

8. It is recommended that the continuous working time of the lamp should not exceed 10 hours, and the interval between continuous startup of the lamp should not be less than 10 minutes. Otherwise, it will not be triggered normally due to the overheating protection of the bulb.

9. During use, if the lamp is abnormal, stop using the lamp in time.

10. When the bulb reaches the rated service life, it should be replaced in time, otherwise there will be a dangerous accident of bubble explosion.

11. Please check the rotating parts of the lamps and the pasting accessories regularly and if they are loose or shaken, please reinforce in time to prevent accidents.

12. The lamps are cooled by strong wind, which is easy to accumulate dust. Keep clean the lamp once a month, especially the cooling air outlet, otherwise accumulated dust maybe block it, resulting in poor heat dissipation and abnormal lamps.

Moving Head Par Light Packing List:

1. Moving head light *1

2. Power cord *1

3. Signal cable *1

4. Light hook *2

5. Screws *4

6. Instruction manual *1

Additional information

Weight8.2 kg
Dimensions46.00 × 30.00 × 38.00 cm

Australia, Czech Republic, United States

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    Fantastic Light at a fantastic price. This light is very bright and the zoom on it is brilliant, goes from a pin spot into a wash. nice and quiet operation too very happy.

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      Thank you very much for your willingness to replace with ZQ02028UK Bee Eyes LED Beam Moving Head Light 4-in-1 Zoom Effect Stage Light.We are very happy that it can bring you a pleasant shopping experience!

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