Model: ZQ02255

Product material: iron + plastic

Shell color: black

Power: 150W

Voltage: AC110-220V, 50-60HZ

Pattern: 7 patterns + white light

Color: 7 colors + white light

Prism: 6+12 prism

Channel: 11/13CH

Control mode: Sound activated, master-slave, auto,DMX

X axis :540°

Y axis :180°

Light bead effect: white light

Lens angle: 2 °

Beam angle: 2 °

Service life: 10000H

Working temperature: <45 °

Cooling mode: fan cooling

Product Features:

1. High brightness lighting effect. Beam powerful, small volume and energy, twice as bright as the same type of product.

2. Multiple control modes. DMX512 /master/slave /self-propelled /sound control, perfect control of stage lighting for different occasions.

3. High-quality materials, easy to install. Made of strong, wear-resistant iron + plastic. Stable performance and extended service life.

4. Widely used. Suitable for small venues, short floors of bars, birthday parties, clubs, ktv and other entertainment venues.

Packing List:

1. Shaking head light *1

2. Screws *4

3. Light hook *1

4. Power cord *1

5. Instruction manual *1


UKING 100W Lights diffenerce ZQ02012 ZQ02021 ZQ02022 ZQ02236 ZQ02341 ZQ02255 ZQ-B147(ZQ02009):

PrismRainbow EffectLampTotal PowerPatternFocusGobosrotating GobosLight source composition   Delay X and Y
ZQ02012  18  yes  80W  100W  yes   no   yes   yes   1 * 80W 8500K LED
ZQ02021  18  100W  100W   yes   no   yes   yes  COB LED   YES,1-2 second
ZQ02022  100W  100W   no   1PCS * 60W 4-in-1 RGBW      high-brightness imported osram    light beads
ZQ02236  8  100W  100W   yes   no   yes   yes   white light   YES,1-2 second
ZQ02341  6+12  150W  150W   yes   no   yes   yes   COB LED   no
ZQ02255  6+12  yes  150W  150W   yes   no   yes   yes   white light   no
ZQ-B147  100W  100W   yes   yes   yes   yes   100 w Cree led   no