Brand: U`King
Model: ZQ-B428
New model: ZQ00148001

Color: black
Material: plastic
Input voltage: AC90-220V 50-60HZ
Power: 100W
Light source: 14PCS * 10W lamp beads
LED: four in one RGBW
Working mode: DMX512/master-slave/voice control/self-propelled
Channel: 4/8CH
Scope of application: bars, KTV, parties, banquets, etc.

Safety instructions:
1. Confirm that the operating voltage is not higher or lower than the value specified in the instruction manual.
2. Please do not look directly at the light source when using the lamp, otherwise the eyes will be injured.
3. When choosing the installation location, make sure that the lamp is not exposed to high temperature, humidity or dust. The distance between the lamp and the illuminated object must exceed 0.5 meters. Make sure there are no flammable or explosive materials within 0.5 meters.
4. Please use appropriate and safe wires to connect the lamps.
5. Please operate after being familiar with the function of the lamp, and do not shake the lamp randomly when using it.
6. Please do not modify the lamps at will, which may cause short circuit and other adverse reactions of the lamps and lanterns, the manufacturer does not guarantee.

Packing list:
Stage lights * 1
Power cord * 1
Screw * 2
Bracket * 2
Manual * 1