Model: ZQ16008

Color: white

Material: Aluminum alloy

Input voltage: AC110V/60HZ 220V/50 (according to the region)

Fuse: 110V:16A; 220V:10A

Power: 1300W (maximum power)

Control protocol: 2.4G

Display panel : LCD

Warm-up time: 3-5 minutes

Cooling mode: air-cooled

DMX control channel: 2/4CH

Effective control distance: >30M (without obstruction and interference, specific to the site shall prevail)

Heating mode: electromagnetic induction heating

Temperature control mode: electronic constant temperature control

Single spraying time: 30S

Direction of spraying: rotatable upward spraying

Spraying height: 2.5-5M

Spraying gear: 5 gear mode

Consumables capacity: 250g (single cartridge)

Consumable consumption: 35g/min

Control mode: DMX, wireless remote control

Protocol: standard DMX512 protocol

Data connection: three-core + five-core XLR input / output

Display: LCD liquid crystal display

Protection grade: IP30

Working environment:-10℃-45℃

Product Features:

1. Aluminum shell, baking paint process; high-end and durable texture

2. The bouquet is even and full, the effect is more shocking;

3. 3 motor configuration system, material transfer using a large motor transmission configuration, more accurate control; more powerful and more durable; blower using high life motor

4. Adopt electromagnetic heating, customized heating plate, high efficiency, low energy consumption, even heat conduction;

5. DMX/remote control are equipped with material clearing function, empty the heater individually, save the loss of bin residual material;

6. 2.4G super signal receiving module + external gain antenna, super signal anti-interference ability;

7. Reserve a quick repair port for the card machine, no need to disassemble the machine can be quickly repaired.


1. The product is safe and environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless.

2. The spark is mild and non-invasive, the hand can touch.

3. Special light machine supplies compound titanium powder need to be purchased separately.

4. After each use of the machine please clean up the residue in the special effects machine to prevent clogging the machine.

Packing List:

1. Cold flame electronic spark machine *1

2. Remote control *1

3. 3 meters of power cable *1

4. 3 meters DMX signal cable *1

5. T-shaped hexagonal wrench *1

6.  Instruction manual *1