Model: ZQ16041

Material: carbon steel structure + acrylic high-transparency tube

Color: black

Voltage: DC12V

Capacity: 8*300mAh (No.5)

Duration: 6h

Control mode: manual

Spraying distance: 6-8 meters

Consumables: 22KG liquid carbon dioxide

Consumables best effect time: 2 min

Light source: using a single 1W LED

LED color: RGB

LED quantity: 6

LED effect: 7 kinds of single color + 2 kinds of mixed flashing frequency

LED average life: 10000h

Docking cylinder connector: national standard, European standard, American standard

Total length of gas pipe: 3 meters

Protection grade: IP20

Working environment: -20℃-40℃

Use of gas: liquid carbon dioxide

Product Features:

1. Beautiful and light appearance. Thick white gas column, cool shape.

2. Simple operation. Manual control, convenient and quick.

3. Long spraying distance. Spraying distance in 6-8 meters.

4. Durable, stable performance. Made of carbon steel structure + acrylic high-transparency tube, not easy to wear, service life of about 10000H.

5. Wide range of uses. Suitable for a variety of places, suitable for bars, weddings, business shows, parties, entertainment venues, to increase the atmosphere of the event.

Packing List:

1. LED Gatling air column gun *1

2. 3 meters of air hose * 1

3. Instruction manual *1