Brand: U`King

Original model: ZQ01012001

New model:ZQ10043

Color: black

Shell material:metal

Power supply: AC 90V-240V, 50-60Hz

Power: 1200W

Lamp beads: 6 RGB LEDs

Lamp power: 6x3w

Heating time: 6 minutes

Fuel tank capacity: 1L

Control method: remote control

Remote control: After the signal receiver is connected, it can be controlled by a wireless remote control within 10 meters.

Power cord length: total length of about 121.5cm

Suitable places: birthday parties, weddings, churches, bars, KTV, dj performances or other entertainment venues to create a romantic atmosphere.

Operation method:

1. Install the atomized liquid and tighten the container lid. After connecting the power supply and the signal receiver, turn the switch to “ON”, and the machine will start heating. After the heating is completed, the fog machine can be controlled by the wireless remote control to spray.

2. The machine can be placed on a high place (using a clothes hanger) or on the ground. Do not spray directly on people, the tilt angle should be less than 15℃

3. Frequently check whether there is enough misty liquid in the machine. If there is no misty liquid, operation will seriously damage the machine.

4. If the fog is small, the machine is noisy or there is no smoke, please turn off the power and check the atomizing liquid, the fuse, the connector of the remote console and the power plug. If the problem cannot be solved after checking these parts, please stop checking and send them back to the dealer for repair.


-After about 40 hours of continuous use, please use 80% distilled water and 20% vinegar to clean the dirt in the refractory pipe.

-Remove the spray nozzle and clean it with vinegar to maintain the acceleration before heating, reinstall the nozzle after cooling, and add mist liquid for next use

-Use a dry cloth to clean the machine and keep it dry when stored.


-Keep clean

-Use indoors

-Only suitable for adult operation. Keep out of children

-Place it horizontally, don’t tilt it upside down

-Please turn off the power or unplug after use

-Do not spray it directly on people at a distance

-During use, the temperature of the product will become higher, so the distance between the machine and other substances should be kept above 100 cm.

-Put the machine in a well-ventilated place and do not cover the cool holes to maintain the best cooling effect. Do not place flammable materials around the product. (Keep away from carpets, wood boards and flammable materials)

-Do not add oil, gas, perfume and other irritating liquids to the sprayer.

-Please avoid the misty liquid contacting the skin and eyes. Once contacted, please wash with water immediately.

Packing list:

Smoke machine *1

Signal receiver *1

Wireless remote control *1

Power cord *1

Bracket *1

Screw *2

Manual *1