Model: ZQ01526

Housing Color: Black

Power supply:AC100~240V ,50Hz/60Hz

Chassis material:Mental

Luminous angle:60°

Luminous color:White+warm white

Power connection: Power cord

Signal connection: Signal input line/output line

Function:1-30Hz full bright strobe, constant light

Control channel:6 DMX-512 signal channels

Control mode:DMX-512 signal control、RDM、sound、auto and master-slave mode

Cooling system: Fan forced cooling system

Working environment: Indoor

N.W: 1.66KG

Instructions for using:

After opening the box, carefully check whether the lamp is damaged by transportation, such as whether the screw is loose, whether the lens is broken or not. Please check before powering up. Check that the lamp is placed correctly and securely, and check that the power supply voltage is the same as the product. This equipment is a Class 1 protection device, so the ground wire of the power supply must be grounded and completed by a professional. Check that the power supply voltage is normal before use.


1. Try to prevent the artificial laying of dust, dirt and smoke oil or even flow into the lamp body, use it to keep the lamp clean;

2. Please use professional glass cleaner and clean the glass plate with flannel regularly every month to ensure maximum brightness output and extend the service life of the light source.


Special precautions for installation: all lamps suspended, hung, fixed at height and laid horizontally must be secured with safety ropes or other means for the second time in addition to the normal light hook during installation to prevent falling and injuring people. The installation process without the second safety fixation has potential safety hazards and cannot be accepted.

Packing List:

1. COB live light *1

2. Power cord *1

3. Manual *1