Which countries do you ship to?

We have warehouses in United Kindom, Czech Republic (German), Austrilia and the United States.

So we have loacl shipping options in the United Kindom, German, Austrilia and the United States.

The Czech Republic warehouse is available for most Europe countries too, you can check the form below to the counry of your own, we will ship to these countries by DHL Germany.

For countries that are not belonging to these regions above, we can only ship our products from China.

Please check this Country Form for the shipping options:

RegionCountriesShipping ChargeExpected DaysShip FromCourier
North AmericaUSAFree5-7 daysUSAUSA: Fedex/UPS

China:Yun Express/China Post

CanadaFlat Rate Charge8-15 daysChinaChina: Yun Express/China Post
EuropeAustriaFlat Rate Charge5-7 daysGermanGerman: DHL

China:Yun Express/China Post

Belgium5-7 days
Czech Republic2-5 days
France5-7 days
Finland5-7 days
Germany2-5 days
Greece5-7 days
Italy5-7 days
Luxembourg5-7 days
Norway5-7 days
Poland5-7 days
Slovakia5-7 days
Spain5-7 days
Sweden5-7 days
UK1-3 daysUKUK: Royal Mail

China:Yun Express/China Post

AustriliaAustriliaFlat Rate Charge5-7 daysAustriliaAustrilia:Austrilia Post

China: Yun Express/China Post

New Zealand8-15 daysChinaChina: Yun Express/China Post
AisaSouth KoreaFlat Rate Charge8-15 daysChinaChina:Yun Express/China Post
Japan8-15 days
Thiland4-10 days
Singapore4-10 days
Indonisea4-10 days
Malaysia4-10 days

How is the shipping fee caculated?

For different countries, we have different shipping charges based on the shipping options.

US: Free Shipping

All the product prices on the website are the prices of free shipping in the US region.

Other region:Flat Rate Charge

For orders from other regions, the price is charged based on US prices, we only charge for a few difference of the real price between this region and the United States.

The price may be slightly changed from time to time, please refer to the price of your checkout chart.

Rules of Flat Rate Shipping:

You will only be charged once for the most weighted products in your order.

Region And Charge

*”x” refers to the weight of the heaviest product in the order

Countryx< 0.5kg0.5kg ≤ x <2kg2kg≤ x < 5kgx >5kgFree Shipping
EU other5.566.570


Let’s take this product as an example:

  1. Check the product weight on the product page –> Additional Information–> Weight
  2. Add the product to your cart
  3. Click the Cart Icon of the upper right corner to view Cart details.
  4. Select your country and input post code, click “UPDATE TOTALS”, and you will see the “Flat Rate:2$” of the price table updated.
  5. Now, no matter how many of this same products you add, the “Flat Rate:2$” remains because the maximum weight of the products in your order has not increased
  6. As you can see that the product weights 0.608kg in this example, so shipping to UK will charge you 2$ for the Flat Rate according to the form above.

Product Weight

If you have more questions about this page, please feel free to contact Customer Service